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Bookings now open for February 2022 onwards!

a project by Creatrix Tiara
Professional Fairy Godmother helps you show your love to those you care about by making wishes come true. We can grant your wish - or we can help you grant wishes for others!

Bookings are now open for consults and coaching appointments starting February 2022! Visit our Calendly booking page to book directly or read on to find out more.


Don't know where to start? Let's chat and brainstorm wish-granting! A single one-hour session with resources and follow-up.
Introductory Price: AUD$50
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Want more support with your gift or wish-grant? Book a package of 3 one-hour sessions and get more resources and follow-up.
Introductory Price: AUD$125/package
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Ask The Recipient
Want to know what your grantee wants without spoiling the surprise? We can send a comprehensive form over to craft a wishlist.
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Full-Service Small Wishes
Let us help you grant a small wish with a big impact. From sourcing and delivering the perfect gift to getting a personal commission.
Please Contact For Availability
Full-Service Big Wishes
Go big or go home - from birthday parties to multi-day immersive experiences. Tell us what you want and we'll make it happen.
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Community Wishes
Special subsidized small/big wishes for nominated people that have contributed a lot of love and could use some love back.
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Why Wish-Granting?
Saying Thanks
Show your appreciation for someone who has given a lot to the community or helped you by making sure they get the same love back!
Self & Community Care
Having a wish granted can help people make it through hard times and remember that they are loved & cared for - including you!
Building Bonds
Wish-granting is a community effort - everyone pitches in to help and everyone shares in the joy!
What is Professional Fairy Godmother? Who is the Professional Fairy Godmother?
Professional Fairy Godmother is a creative service providing wish-granting and gift-giving services for all, for any occasion. From brainstorming the perfect birthday gift for a friend, to organising a surprise self-care hamper for you - I'm down to help!

I, the Fairy Godmother in question, is Creatrix Tiara, a Melbourne-based shenaniganist with experience in creative production, organising, consulting, arts & media, community cultural development, and more. Gifts are my love language and I absolutely love watching people's glee when surprised; Professional Fairy Godmother is a way to bring my skills and passions together in a creative, joyful way.
What's the difference between consults, coaching, and full-service wishes?
Consults and coaching involve virtual meetings (an hour each, usually on Google Meet or Zoom or a platform of your choice) for us to chat, brainstorm, and come up with plans for your gift or wish. I'll also send some resources and follow-ups afterwards to further help you with your wish. You will be the person in charge of actually granting the wish, while I'm here to help with ideas and support. Consults are single-session while coaching comes in a package of 3 sessions.

With full-service wishes, all the logistical work is done by Professional Fairy Godmother! Just let me know what you want and I'll be in touch with you and the recipient to make sure everything goes smoothly. Small wishes would usually cover simpler tasks such as finding & delivering a favourite book or organising a personalised art commission, while large wishes would usually cover more involved productions such as surprise parties.

Currently I'm primarily offering consults and coaching, as well as initial queries about full-service small wishes. Book now or join the newsletter to find out when other wish-granting opportunities are available!
What sort of wishes or gifts can I ask for or talk about?
Almost anything goes really! Professional Fairy Godmother can help with all sorts of occasions - birthdays, weddings, divorces, new jobs, housewarmings, cultural celebrations, condolences, Talk Like A Pirate Day, and much more. You don't even need an occasion - a wish just for fun or self-care is also good! You can be of any age, background, and location.

There may be limitations on what I can consult on or organise, such as restrictions by law, COVID19, insurance, or availability. I also hold the right to refuse work for gifts or surprises that go against my ethics and values (e.g. racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, xenophobia, harassment, bullying, etc.) Let me know what you're thinking and I'll see what I can make happen.
What could we discuss in a consulting or coaching session?
We can talk about all sorts of things to do with gifts, wishes, and surprises! Some ideas include:

  • Figuring out what would make the best gifts based on the recipient's preferences and needs
  • Transforming your tastes, interests, and boundaries into a wishlist to share with others
  • Selecting culturally or thematically appropriate gifts for particular occasions
  • Building confidence that you do deserve to have good things, experiences, and people in your life
  • Making a planned gift or surprise accessible (disability, neurodivergence, chronic health, cost, distance, etc)
  • Working out whether your recipient would actually want a particular gift or surprise or not
  • Support for gifts and surprises for long-distance recipients
  • Finding gifts and surprises within tight budgets
  • Coming up with suggestions for appreciation gifts for your team, class, community
  • Finding ways to celebrate any particular occasion or life event, no matter how big or small
  • Working out the logistics of a gift or surprise idea
  • Figuring out good gifts and surprises based on a chosen hobby, fandom, hyperfixation, or special interest
  • Selecting gifts for a Secret Santa or other randomised recipient that you might not know so well
  • Finding ways to treat yourself based on what you like
and much more! This is a new venture so this list will likely grow and change over time.
Can I book these services for myself?
Absolutely yes! Wish-granting is a powerful type of self-care - you deserve your wishes coming true! It can also be helpful to have some dedicated time to talk about what you like, what you wish for, and how to make it happen.
Do I need the consent of the recipient before booking these services?
Consent is very important to Professional Fairy Godmother. I want to make sure your recipient is happy and satisfied - which means making sure that their wishes and boundaries are respected, that they're happy to get a gift from us, and that their gift works for them. We don't have to break the surprise by revealing all the details, but I believe it's better to be slightly spoiled to make sure the gift is wanted than to keep the gift a total surprise only for the recipient to be unhappy or made uncomfortable.

For consults and coaching, proof of consent prior to booking is not required but highly recommended, since the actual logistics of the wish would be handled by you. We will discuss this during our sessions.

For full-service wishes and similar services, proof of consent is mandatory and will be sought by us prior to starting the service. This will mainly involve me contacting the recipient and mentioning that there is a gift planned by the granter, as well as a few questions on things they are OK with or not OK with (including whether they're happy to receive a gift from this particular granter). If the recipient is unwilling or does not consent, the booking will not proceed.

If it turns out that the consent is falsified (such as the granter using someone else as a cover to hide their identity, knowing that the recipient doesn't want anything to do with them), I will prioritise the safety of the recipient, make strong apologies, and do what I can to rectify the situation, with costs covered by the granter.
What happens if the wish ends up failing or the recipient is unhappy?
Unhappy recipients also make for unhappy fairy godmothers. We want to bring more joy - not make people sad!

Depending on the wish, the issue, and the service booked, we will do our best to find solutions. This will likely involve more direct communication with the recipient to ensure that the gift fits their wants and needs better. Just get in touch and we'll do our best!

We'll mainly work with the granter/original booker or the recipient, though we're happy to receive feedback from anyone else involved with the wish.
What time zones do you work with? I'd like to book a time but it's not available on your schedule.
The schedule is based on Melbourne AU time (AEDT UT+11/AEST UT+10), but I'm pretty flexible. Just get in touch with some preferred times and we'll see what we can wrangle up!
Do you do sliding scale prices, payment plans, and/or other forms of payment?
I'm happy to discuss any sliding scale prices or payment plans if need be. Just get in touch and I'll see what I can do. I'm planning on subsidized services soon - so those with means can pay more or donate to help cover the costs for others.

The Calendly booking page currently takes credit and debit cards via Stripe, but other options can be made available such as Paypal, Beem It, or Australian bank transfer. (CashApp and Venmo are unavailable in Australia and I don't recommend international bank transfer due to fees.) Just let me know if you'd like this option prior to booking as I do need to collect payment upfront.
What if I need to reschedule or cancel a booking?
When you make a booking via Calendly, your confirmation email will have links to reschedule or cancel a booking if needed. If those links do not work or you have further issues, just contact me so I can sort it out.

I can offer a partial refund based on the booking. If this will cause financial hardship, just let me know and I'll see what I can do.
Are you affiliated with Make-a-Wish, Starlight Foundation, or other wish-granting organisations?
Nope! Professional Fairy Godmother is an independent creative small business.

I'm a current volunteer with Make-a-Wish Australia, but only on a small local level, and that work is not connected with PFG at all.
Can I help with Professional Fairy Godmother in other ways?
Yes! I'm actively looking for potential suppliers, partners, contractors, media, and pretty much anyone else who wants to be a part of Professional Fairy Godmother in one way or another. Get in touch via the contact form below!
I have more questions!
Great! Just get in touch and we'll have a chat.
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